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About My Green Michigan

My Green Michigan was founded in 2014 with the intention of connecting green minded organic waste generators with haulers and composters that could help divert compostable materials from landfills to a higher and better use.

Today we coordinate the hauling and composting of food scraps and compostable materials collected in specialized carts that can be moved around by hand up to 30 cubic yard open top containers and packers. Our client list includes restaurants, bars, schools, hospitals and large corporate cafeterias as well as food production and distribution facilities in all of Southern Lower Michigan including Detroit, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Lansing, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. Each of these environmentally conscious entities shares a common goal of being ecologically and socially responsible by recycling their food scraps.

Our consultants offer solutions that take a food scrap management concept to a turn-key sustainable operation. Upon meeting with a potential client, we estimate organic waste volumes produced, determine efficient on site collection and storage equipment and provide vendor options for compostable tableware and can liners, if needed. We then determine a pick up schedule that is appropriate for the client and establish an education and training process for management and staff alike. It is common for our consultants to be onsite for a period of time during implementation to ensure the transition to source separated organics is a smooth one. Our billing is simple and consistent, yet flexible allowing nearly immediate adjustments for seasonal or event based changes in volume. We provide tracking reports for any clients interested in monitoring their sustainability goals as well.


My Green Michigan only partners with experienced, reputable composters who comply with all applicable regulations and produce high quality compost.

We offer solutions to the emerging problem of how to handle your facility’s organic scrap stream.

Used properly, good compost not only promotes exceptional plant and turf health, it binds contaminants in storm water runoff and reduces the amount of irrigation and fertilizers needed for plants.


We encourage all of our affiliated compost facilities to support community garden programs generously, completing the garden to table to garden loop!

By using this concept, businesses are creating a circular model of sustainability, which benefits everyone!







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