Turning Your Food Scraps Into Soil


We believe that organic waste is a valuable resource that should be turned into compost and used to nourish Michigan's gardens, farms, and landscapes. We offer a range of services designed to divert organic materials to composting, and are committed to providing our customers with reliable and convenient solutions that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible.


Did You Know?

of Americans feel we aren't doing enough as a society to combat wastefulness.

Who We Are

My Green Michigan was founded in 2014 as an organics collection company with the mission to provide convenient and effective solutions to divert your food waste to composting.

Industries We Serve

We believe that everyone has a role to play in creating a more sustainable future, and that's why we work with a variety of industries to recycle their food waste. Our services are designed to meet the unique needs of each industry we serve, including restaurants, academic institutions, the healthcare industry, and corporate environments. Whether you're a small restaurant looking to reduce your environmental footprint or a large corporation looking to implement sustainable practices across your facilities, we can help.

We Serve Restaurants


We Serve Academic

Academic Institutions

We Serve Healthcare

Healthcare Industry

We Serve Corporate

Corporate Environments

Our Composting Partners

Used properly, good compost not only promotes exceptional plant and turf health, it binds contaminants in storm water runoff and reduces the amount of irrigation and fertilizers needed for plants.

My Green Michigan only partners with experienced, reputable composters who comply with all applicable regulations and produce high quality compost.


Time to Get Educated

We're excited to share with you the positive impact this service has on the environment and our communities. We believe that recycling food waste is an essential step towards a sustainable future, and that's why we've created an educational page to help you learn more about it. Through our educational resources, you'll discover how easy it is to participate in our food waste recycling program, and the many benefits it offers.

Ready to make a Difference?


Looking for a partner that can help you take the next step towards a more sustainable future? Look no further than our food waste collection services.

Our reliable and consistent collection service ensures that your food waste is collected on a schedule that works for you. We work with you as a team member and listen to your needs, collaborating with your company to create a convenient pickup plan that helps you achieve your green goals. We can also provide resources and training to help educate your staff and maximize efficiencies and savings through specifically designed containers and trucks.

Partner with us today and start making a positive impact on our planet!