About Us

Our mission is to provide convenient and effective solutions to divert organic waste to composting, and turn your food scraps into soil.

My Green Michigan food waste truck compost pile

Our History

My Green Michigan was founded in 2014 by Lee Hammond Jr. and Cliff Walkington, with Bill Whitley joining the company in early 2020.

What started out as a small scale food scraps hauler, using only a pick up truck and trailer, we have since grown into a large scale organics management company. Over the years we experimented with different vehicles and collection systems, and now use compactor trucks with customers in every major city across Southern Lower Michigan.

We have expanded to meet demand, and are committed to providing excellent service to our customers regardless of how large or small.

My Green Michigan's Staff

Lee Hammond_headshot

Lee Hammond Jr.


Lee is one of the founders of MGM and oversees our day-to-day operations based in mid-Michigan. He has worked in the landscaping industry starting early in life, holding various roles over the years with his family’s business, Hammond Farms Landscape Supply. Composting yard waste has been a central piece of their business since the mid 2000s, with Lee as one of the facility’s Certified Compost Operations Managers. Outside of work, Lee enjoys spending time with his family, and outdoor recreation including hunting and camping in the Upper Peninsula.

Cliff Walkington_headshot

Cliff Walkington


Cliff, who is also a founding member of My Green Michigan, recently handed over the day-to-day operations responsibilities of Hammond Farms to Lee Hammond Jr. after more than 20 years as managing partner. After expanding the composting division by partnering with local municipalities, landfills, and transfer stations, Cliff was approached by a new Lansing area business that wanted to compost their food scraps. The ensuing pilot program led to the creation of MGM, which now diverts organics from landfills to composters across the state. He is a Ferris State University graduate, who lives in Mason, MI with his wife, Jennifer, where they have raised their two children. When he isn’t working, he enjoys following his son’s and daughter’s activities and spends as much time camping in Northwest Michigan as possible.

Bill Whitley_headshot

Bill Whitley


Bill has owned and operated Spurt Industries since 2016 and joined as a partner in My Green Michigan in 2020 to further efforts to increase food waste collection in southeastern Michigan. Bill is active on the state level advocating for composting and food waste diversion and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Recycling Coalition, as Treasurer of the Michigan Organics Council, and President of the Compost Council of Michigan. He is a lifelong Michigan resident and graduate of the University of Michigan. When not working you can find him enjoying the Great Lakes—a hobby which drives his passion for organics diversion and compost use as a means to protect and improve water quality across the state and region as we Landscape for the Lakes.

Jennifer McCullen_headshot

Jennifer McCullen

Account Manager

Jennifer is our account manager, handling new customer on-boarding, customer service, and other day-to-day operations. She graduated college in 2018 with a degree in Sustainable Business from Aquinas College, where she was first introduced to industrial composting through the campus’ program. She completed the USCC’s Compost Operations Training Course last summer and is excited to continue her industry education. In her free time she enjoys tending to her vegetable and flower gardens, making pottery, and spoiling her three cats.

Our Composters

Both of our composters are state registered industrial composting facilities, who produce STA Certified compost and soil blends. They are both advocates of the organics industry and participate as members of the US Composting Council, Composting Council of Michigan, Michigan Recycling Coalition, and Michigan Organics Council.


Spurt Industries supports our southeast Michigan operations and processes the material we collect in Metro Detroit. They sell compost and soil blends in bulk, and can accept a variety of organic waste as drop off, including food and yard waste.


Hammond Farms supports our mid, west, and southwest Michigan operations, and process all the material we collect in these regions. They have five store locations throughout Greater Lansing, all of which sell a variety of landscaping supplies like compost and soil, mulch, gravel, and more. They accept drop off of food waste, yard waste, and other organics in bulk.

Customer Testimonials

“FireKeepers Casino Hotel continues to be a leader in creating a greener future for our community and region. Partnering with My Green Michigan has helped our company increase efficiency with their turn key services.”

Michael Hamilton, V.P of Food & Beverage

FireKeepers Casino Hotel

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